A full set of acrylic nails consists of gluing plastic tips to the natural nails to extend the length. The cuticle is pushed back and the natural nail is lightly filed to prep nail for application of product. A coat of primer is applied followed by a blend of a liquid polymer and acrylic powder. This blend of powder and liquid is formed to cover the natural nail and the plastic tip creating a smooth surface. This is followed by filing and shaping to desired shape and size. Acrylic nails are very sturdy and polish does not easily chip off. Acrylic nails require a “fill” every two to three weeks to fill in growth of the natural nail from the nail bed. The time for this service varies depending upon the condition of your nails. Approximately 1 hr is required for this service.

Nail art has been a trending beauty and fashion statement for quite some time. Getting your nails done for the occasion is nothing unheard of these days. A good old French manicure is almost everyone’s favorite, sometimes a dramatic red with a razzle dazzle of golden shimmer on the single nail has been a popular trend. Nail art may have come to prominence in recent times but it is an ancient practice. The practice of nail art goes back to 3000 B.C when the Egyptians used nail art to mark social status.

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