Let Hand & Stone help you look your best with our face threading as well as our tinting services. Leave your skin smooth, experience lighter hair growth and more beautiful skin with regular waxing and threading treatments. With our tinting options, create more definition and enhance the appearance of your lashes and brows. Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that has slowly gained popularity throughout salons. A threading expert uses two cotton threads, wrapping them around a line of unwanted hair, and removing them. This form of facial hair removal is easier, safer, and more efficient than waxing. This is quickly becoming the most effective and popular technique for removing unwanted facial hair. With many different benefits, threading could be the better option for you!

The process is done by a trained technician who entwines two long pieces of 100% cotton thread held in the mouth on one end, while the other end is swiftly rolled over and around unwanted hairs to cleanly and quickly remove them from the follicle root. No hot wax or harsh chemicals are used during the threading process, which makes it ideal for clients with sensitive skin. Clients are encourage to not let hairs get too long between sessions to reduce pain during removal.

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